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Welcome to Talentry

Who We Are, and What We Do

Talentry was founded by two individuals with over 30 years of combined expertise in the technology and scientific industries in Southern California. Our proven experience with software development, systems integration and architecture, project delivery, consulting, staff augmentation, and training have made us particularly effective at designing cost-effective solutions for our clients.

We have been successful through the “ups and downs” simply because we focused on one simple axiom: Our clients have problems that need to be solved. Our solution is to solve those problems agnostically, without agenda. In today’s landscape, the right path isn’t always clear. Developing software and implementing systems are roads fraught with errors, and with money often wasted. Hiring the right people to help solve these problems has never been so challenging. Large professional services firms are frequently very costly, and have delivered mixed results.

We founded Talentry simply to solve problems. We’ve been successful leveraging our core strengths: Creativity, Adaptability, Integrity, and a relentless focus on Solution Delivery!

But enough about us — let’s talk about you. Are you having trouble finding the right technical solution to deliver your best to your internal or external clients? Do you have the right people for the job? Do you have budget overruns on major IT initiatives? Do you feel like your vendor or nationally branded consulting firm is “holding you hostage?” Do you need someone to pick up the slack while an employee is on vacation? We can help.

Learn about Talentry’s management here. Learn more about our team members here.

Talentry’s mission is to solve Business Problems with Technical Solutions.

Talentry’s four services that empower success for our clients are:

Software Development

We will take on your software development projects, while working hand-in-hand with you throughout the process.

Staff Augmentation

We will help you identify the proper resources to hire, offer a network of the best and brightest we and work with you to make that successful.

Technical Professional Services

Our Private Cloud, locally Managed Services, and Service Desk will take your IT headaches away. Our telecommunications and contact center practice is world-class, improving performance while saving money. We assess Enterprise Infrastructure and Applications, offering vendor-agnostic options.

Management Training

We can train your managers, to attract and retain talent, structure effective hiring processes, and get the best from your employees.

What Makes Talentry Successful

Talentry was built from the ground up, on a solid foundation of relations built in the Southern California technology sector. As a result, Talentry:

Has a best-in-class Web, Mobile, and Software Engineering team consisting of over 70 architects, designers, and developers.
Offers a world-class private cloud, locally managed infrastructure, and service desks.
Provides telecommunications and call center consulting at the highest level.
Conducts Enterprise Application and Infrastructure assessments with agnostic consultants.
Has access to the best, and brightest talent, and can train your company to attract them.