Talentry Co-founder Recognized by Alma Mater

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Talentry is proud to announce that our co-founder and CEO has been named by his alma mater, the University of San Diego, as “Torero of the Month.”  Evan was part

Why Your Next Hire Should Be an Ex Special-Forces Operator. That’s an order!

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This week I had the unique privilege to participate once again with Phil Dana and The Honor Foundation (https://www.thehonorfoundation.org/,) with the outstanding work that they do: helping train some of

Introducing our Telecommunications practice

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Talentry is available to assist on your contact center initiative, large or small. You need to separate the hype and the hope from what really provides business value. We provide

Brand Strategy

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The modern consumer is savvy and skeptical of shallow commercialism. Good viral marketing starts and ends with a brand truth. We are ready to help you communicate a message your

Why is UX important?

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Not too long ago, designing an appealing, functional, easy-to-use website was considered art. Or alchemy. It was a dark art. The availability of do-it-yourself web design tools and fast, inexpensive

Things you need to know before building your app

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When building apps, entrepreneurs often dream that their creations might become the next Truecaller, which surpassed the 100 million-user mark in December after doubling its daily new users in less

Just How Hard Do I Have to Work Here Anyway?

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Job interviews are minefields! One of the top five questions over the years that I have seen “blow up” candidates’ interviews time and again is: “How many hours per week

US Jobless Claims at a 41.5-Year Low! (So what?)

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US Jobless Claims at a 41.5-Year Low! What does that mean for you and your company? The number of jobless claims in the US fell to the lowest rate since

What can we learn from the LA lion eating the zoo’s koala?

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Apparently, earlier this month, a mountain lion snuck onto the grounds of the LA zoo, killed, and then ate one of the zoo’s 11 koala bears. The big cat was